FlexyPAT – new process automation tool

3. February 2016

FlexyPAT – new process automation tool

FlexyPAT is a modular Process Automation Technology that enables automated customer-specific lab reactor systems to be implemented in a very cost-effective manner, including with the integration of existing devices.

Alternatively, a standardised, automated lab reactor is also available as a product-based turn-key system (Process Automation Tool) that is also ideally suited for use as an «on-demand» solution in rotating laboratories – for rotating users.

Focus on high capacity utilisation
Automatic reactors are to achieve as high a level of capacity utilisation as possible by offering «on-demand» operation. SYSTAG is taking account of this trend with innovative tools that make equipment used in this way easier to manage.

Guaranteed investment protection
Only commercially convincing concepts and products can survive on the market. Key figures such as acquisition costs, service life and maintenance costs are already crucial factors influencing a customer’s decision to purchase.

The smart new interfacing concept «fconnect», which makes connecting sensors/actuators significantly simpler and allows for much more flexibility, is just one example of how SYSTAG is committed to its customers’ investments.

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