Automatic laboratory reactors – automatically better



FlexyPlant – a logical continuation of process development from FlexyCUBE via FlexyPAT – provides customised solutions to automate kilo lab and pilot plants or even special reactors and reactor systems.

Thanks to a large wealth of practical experience in the process technology sector, SYSTAG offers optimised solutions for automated process management in which prototype campaigns are run.

Also suitable for special problem situations in chemical process technology, e.g.

  • Polymerisations
  • Hydrogenations
  • Thermal separation of substances



    Automation – within this business division, SYSTAG offers the conceptual automation of chemical processes.

    Our many years of experience with high-level information systems, support during FDA approvals and the provision of complex problem solutions using PLC systems, e.g. Siemens S7, makes us a preferred partner for the industry.

    We have implemented projects in the following applications areas:

    • Process control systems
    • Pilot plants
    • Material flow monitoring
    • Personnel access controls and registration
    • Grinding and mixing centre for APIs



      Controlled lab reactor Software FlexySys – The automation technology interface for any laboratory reactor and employees working in the chemical and synthetics sector.

      Intuitive plant synoptic, because
      → not only specialists should be able to operate it

      Predefined operating procedures for simple and safe operation
      → ready, steady, go

      Clear illustration of the system status, then
      → you know exactly where your process is

      Editable online charts, because
      → a picture is worth a thousand words

      Automatic and continuous documentation, because
      → what is not written down never happened

      System parameters at a glance, because
      → safety is knowing what’s going on