Thermal safety analysis – Safety through knowledge



FlexyTSC, the adiabatic «thermal hazard screening» calorimeter provides experts with support in safety analyses of solids and liquids as well as non-homogeneous substances. Specifically designed for the following areas:

  • Scale-up
  • Process safety
  • Thermal stability
  • Warehouse test
  • Risk analysis
  • Run-away scenario

Thermodynamic evaluations with FlexyTSC offer clear analyses of undesired decomposition reactions or autocatalytic reactions with regard to:

  • Onset temperature
  • Heat of decomposition
  • SHR (self-heating rate)
  • Arrhenius plot
  • TMR plot (time to maximum rate)
  • Activation energy
  • Antoine plot

Safety through knowledge.



SysGraph – the graphic evaluation tool for thermal analysis and reaction calorimetry provides you with precise evaluations for your safety inspections at the push of a button.

Intuitive evaluation methods generate the results and graphs you need for the thermal analysis and safety evaluation of substances or chemical reactions – quickly and easily.

Conveniently perform calculations from your office PC, compile informative graphics and save relevant data on a central server.

ThermoGraph – for adiabatic thermal analysis.

KaloGraph – for comprehensive evaluation of reaction calorimetric data.

Don’t leave safety to chance.