Controlled lab reactor Software FlexySys – The automation technology interface for any laboratory reactor and employees working in the chemical and synthetics sector.

Intuitive plant synoptic, because
→ not only specialists should be able to operate it

Predefined operating procedures for simple and safe operation
→ ready, steady, go

Clear illustration of the system status, then
→ you know exactly where your process is

Editable online charts, because
→ a picture is worth a thousand words

Automatic and continuous documentation, because
→ what is not written down never happened

System parameters at a glance, because
→ safety is knowing what’s going on



SysGraph – the graphic evaluation tool for thermal analysis and reaction calorimetry provides you with precise evaluations for your safety inspections at the push of a button.

Intuitive evaluation methods generate the results and graphs you need for the thermal analysis and safety evaluation of substances or chemical reactions – quickly and easily.

Conveniently perform calculations from your office PC, compile informative graphics and save relevant data on a central server.

ThermoGraph – for adiabatic thermal analysis.

KaloGraph – for comprehensive evaluation of reaction calorimetric data.

Don’t leave safety to chance.

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Real time data link to your laboratory informatics

Take now advantage of our newly Developed Software-Tool CollectX which makes it possible to connect data from your reactor system to your laboratory informatics

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