FlexyTSC – Calorimeter for thermal analysis under adiabatic conditions

Calorimeter FlexyTSC: dynamic – isothermal – adiabatic

Titelbild FlexyTSC
  • Thermal analysis within multi-gram range – therefore suitable for non-homogeneous samples right through to distillation residue
  • No specific sample preparation necessary – guarantees reproducible objective analyses even under adiabatic conditions
  • A wide selection of sample vessels enables comprehensive analyses – with pressure or gas measurement, inert or active gas

FlexyTSC determines all the necessary information for your safety inspection


  • Up to 6 measuring cells can be operated simultaneously and yet individually
  • Samples in gram range enable analyses of non-homogeneous substances
  • Known difficulties during sample preparation are avoided
  • Various sample vessels for varying requirements
  • Reusable sample vessels reduce the cost per analysis


  • Dynamic measurement for detecting the onset temperature and decomposition enthalpy
  • Isothermal multi-step experiment to assess autocatalytic decomposition
  • Long-term isothermal measurement to verify storage and transportation stability
  • Adiabatic measurement to determine SADT data
  • Heat-wait-search and adiabatic measurement to calculate TMR (time to maximum rate), self-heating rate and activation energy.


  • Open or closed glass vessel measurements
  • Measurements with gas-flow-meter
  • Analysis of solids or liquids in pressure vessel
  • Optional pressure measurement
  • Pressure vessel with glass inliner to suppress catalytic influences
  • Investigation with various gas atmospheres


Key data (depending on model)

  • From -50°C to 400°C
  • Sample volume of 0.5 ccm up to approx. 500 ccm
  • Up to 200 bar / 400°C
  • Suitable for liquids as well as solids

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