«We need an automation solution, with which we can fully comprehend all data fluxes at any time.»

«I am looking for a software solution which should relive myself and my colleagues from complex tasks and which is applicable in a sustainable way.»

«Our plant is in operation around the clock, services and updates muss be performed during an on-going operation.»

Do such necessities appear familiar to you?

We help you to get further and support you from A to Z through, individual, innovative and economical solutions. Our customers and partners in the fields of automation, systems engineering and measurement techniques benefit from our products, you can benefit from it too!



Avoid distractions and simplify your workflow. Facilitate daily routines with a full package solutions allowing you to focus on your core activities.

Through full-automation, you can optimize your recipe and synthesis preparation.



We develop automation-oriented software and we configure standard software according to your needs.

Keep the overview over your facility thanks to user-friendly control and monitoring interfaces.

We are people and we make software solutions for people. The operation of our products is flawless and designed such that each authorized employee, after our training course, is able to work independently.

Our specialists for software development and project planning work in an open and transparent manner and make sure to smoothly meet target schedules and costs.

We understand your existing code too and support you for modifications according to you desires, also in the case of outdated programming languages.