MINTworld – Büchi AG and SYSTAG – A synergy for knowledge transfer

6. March 2024


MINTworld – Büchi AG and SYSTAG – A synergy for knwoledge transfer

In 2023, the new MINTworld was opened in Visp to bring children and young people closer to the natural sciences and inspire enthusiasm. The companies SYSTAG and Büchi Glas Uster were also able to contribute a facility as part of this new world of experience. The aim is to give children an understanding of chemical and biological processes using simple and illustrative examples and to offer them an insight into a modern laboratory.

The system combines three different types of reactors: a classic 1-liter double-jacketed reactor typically used in research; a Bioengineering fermenter and a 30-liter Buchi reactor with distillation setup. The 30-liter Buchi reactor with distillation setup based on a Buchi midiPilot reactor is a versatile and powerful device suitable for a variety of chemical reactions and processes in research, development, and production.

The compact reactor system can easily be modified for other applications: Interchangeable stirrers, reaction vessels for different volumes and applications are available. The glass reactor is equipped with a lifting / lowering device for easy and efficient opening and cleaning.

In addition to the different reactors, other components such as scales, pumps, thermostats and probes from well-known manufacturers have been combined in our FlexySys software. This allows the system to be operated fully automatic, with integrated recipe control an real time data aquisition. The underlying safety concept of the software allows a 24/7 operation on all 3 reactors.

Thanks to the additional tablet and smartphone control, children and young people can follow live what is happening in the reactor at any time and which steps are coming up next.