«Even an intern can make a difference»

18. December 2018


Testimony: Lorin Nobs, Intern at SYSTAG

“During my chemical engineering studies at the Fribourg University of Applied Science, a professor offered me an internship in a company as part of my bachelor’s thesis. I accepted without hesitation, because in my opinion professional experience is worth a mint. I joined my team in Rüschlikon at SYSTAG for a two-month adventure. I was surprised by the reception and availability of the people. SYSTAG believes every employee even an intern can make a difference. But be careful, it does not happen by itself, the secret is to be proactive! At the end of my bachelor’s thesis, SYSTAG offered me a contract to give support to other projects for another period of three months. I accepted this opportunity. Not only this has allowed me to learn a lot, but also I could use what I learned during my studies and put it into practice in a dynamic professional environment.”