Automation in the Chemical Industry - Engineering and implementation of process control systems

Professional – conceptual – qualified

Automation - Professional - Conceptual - Qualified

Sophisticated solutions for process automation in the chemical industry

Our achievements
  • Engineering bases and preliminary Studies
  • Recipe controls for chemical Production
  • Data banks / management of process data and long-term archiving
  • Visualisation of installation conditions
  • Material tracking and personnel Identification
  • Networking of control levels, process system levels and product monitoring
  • PLC programming, real time recording
  • Development of electronic hardware, design and testing of prototypes
  • Registration for quality control
  • Support for qualification and validation of systems used (FDA approval)
Realized Projects

Process Control Systems

  • Textile dyestuff
  • Pharmaceutical bulk production
  • In-process analysis laboratory

Pilot Installations

  • Polymer chemistry
  • Dyestuff chemistry
  • Photo chemistry
  • Energy saving crystallisation procedure

Logistics and Information

  • Material flow and monitoring
  • Personnel authorization and registration
  • Central data recording with long-term archiving

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